Dessert Storage Tips


We strongly recommend our cakes be consumed on the day of pickup/delivery for optimal freshness, taste, and appearance. Our cakes taste best when enjoyed at room temperature. Should need to refrigerate your cake, please take it out a minimum of two hours before service so that the buttercream becomes creamy again and soft to the touch.

Leftovers may be kept chilled in an airtight container for 2-3 days. Flowers on fresh floral cakes are inedible and need to be removed prior to consumption, in addition to any other non-food decorations.


Macarons taste their best at room temperature or slightly chilled - the buttercream is soft, the filling is creamy, and the shells are nice and chewy! Macarons will keep very well for up to 4 days after purchase when refrigerated, and up to a month or more when stored in the freezer (although they do need a little special care)!


Sugar cookies should be consumed on day of pickup for optimal freshness and to guarantee a tender product. For extended storage, cookies may be kept in the refrigerator in an airtight container for 2-3 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery is available within the Scottsdale and Phoenix area (beginning at $30). We don’t have a dedicated delivery driver, and so service for all orders is based on availability.

We offer in house tasting, just call our store to schedule. Tasting start at $25.00. We usually need about a week in advance to get you on the calendar.

We currently only offer vegan friendly and gluten free.

Unfortunately, we do not make any cakes for different allergies e.g peanuts.

Your cake should travel on a flat surface, either in the passenger side floor or back of your car. The car should be clear to ensure nothing will fall onto or damage your cake. Your air conditioning should be on throughout your journey.

No, we take full payment at the time of order.

Should you unfortunately have to cancel, it may be possible to transfer your payment to another date, subject to my availability.

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